Making LCDs more flat with graphene

ledtvLCD screens have become a common piece of hardware in many households, replacing old cathode-ray tubes in TVs as well as computers. As the screens grow bigger and bigger, the flatness of their component layers becomes more important. An uneven middle layer in an LCD screen often results in “clouding”, also known as the mura effect. A patent application from a Chinese company aims to resolve clouding by using graphene.

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Graphene in Optical Electronics

iphone-4Graphene, a 2D (two dimensional) carbon is a highly versatile material with amazing properties destined to change the way we live and communicate. It is currently the strongest and lightest material known to man. Its ability to conduct heat and electricity is much better than any other known material.Scientists believe that soon graphene will be used commercially on the optoelectronics field, more especially in touch screens, LCDs and in organic lighting diodes (OLEDs).

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