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Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics, is looking into graphene properties for the production of devices that are likely to change the world. Recently, the company, through its principal research and development incubator (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), developed a transistor structure using graphene that has ‘miracle’ characteristics like Making […]

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The wonders of graphene on display

Charge carriers in graphene appear to have no mass and can travel very large distances without being scattered. This makes it a good testing ground for interesting quantum effects and gives it many applications for fast electronics. It is extremely transparent and being such a good electrical conductor makes it an ideal transparent electrode […]

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Graphene-based gadgets may be just years away

Researchers at The University of Manchester have produced tiny liquid crystal devices with electrodes made from graphene – an exciting development that could lead to computer and TV displays based on this technology.The resulting graphene-based films can be used in LCDs and, to prove the concept, the research team have demonstrated the first liquid […]

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Breakthrough in developing graphene for electronics

Such is the importance of this new material that it could revolutionize the future of nanotechnology – it is expected that graphene will transform high-speed electronics and photonics, particularly as a replacement for silicon microchips and touchscreen technology, LCD displays and solar cells. Due to its strength and transparency, it is ideal for these […]

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Graphene in Optical Electronics

Graphene, a 2D (two dimensional) carbon is a highly versatile material with amazing properties destined to change the way we live and communicate. It is currently the strongest and lightest material known to man.  Its ability to conduct heat and electricity is much better than any other known material.Scientists believe that soon graphene will […]

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Graphene-based LCDs Devised

Researchers at the University of Manchester in England used graphene, which is derived from the abundant natural resource graphite, as a transparent conductive coating for electro-optical devices instead of indium, a metal that is becoming increasingly expensive as supplies dwindle. They used the method to make LCDs that contain graphene electrodes, a technology they […]

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Graphene makes for better optical displays

According to the same group of researchers that first fabricated the 2D sheets of carbon nearly four years ago, graphene has the ideal optical properties to form the transparent electrodes in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The researchers have also developed a technique that overcomes the traditional problems with manufacturing sizable quantities of graphene.


Mar 27, […]

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LCDs might be graphene’s first realistic commercial application

University of Manchester scientists, together with collaborators from the Institute for Microelectronics Technology in Chernogolovka, Russia, demonstrate the use of graphene as a transparent conductive coating for photonic devices and show that its high transparency and low resistivity make this two-dimensional crystal ideally suitable for electrodes in liquid crystal devices.


Apr 24, 2008- Source:  http://www.nanowerk.com/spotlight/spotid=5453.php

Image […]

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Making LCDs more flat with graphene

LCD screens have become a common piece of hardware in many households, replacing old cathode-ray tubes in TVs as well as computers. As the screens grow bigger and bigger, the flatness of their component layers becomes more important. An uneven middle layer in an LCD screen often results in “clouding”, also known as the […]

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