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October 2015

The miracle material that will change the world

Plastic Logic has just signed a collaboration agreement with Cambridge University‚Äôs Graphene Centre to […]

Graphene based technology

Graphene is another carbon-based nanomaterial that is receiving a lot of attention since Geim […]

Future Applications of Graphene (Samsung Version)

Samsung’s world first graphene pilot factory

Samsung Bending and Curving Smartphone

Graphene 3D Lab Launched

Graphene 3D Labs, a company focused on the development and manufacturing of next-generation graphene-enhanced […]

Graphene OLED Thin Film Displays

Columbia University physics professor Philip Kim, who is a coauthor of the new paper, […]

Transparent graphene-based display could enable contact lens computers

Augmented reality generated in the form of a contact lens, with embedded pixels, would […]

Samsung patents graphene networks for touch screens

The idea of using graphene in flexible touch screens is not new. Samsung itself […]

Graphene sheets with less flap

Researchers in Australia have developed a new way to make graphene – the atom-thin […]