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October 2015

LG Brings World’s Thinnest HD LCD Smartphone Panel

LG is the leader in the smartphone and tablet display technology domains. In June, […]

Bend me, shape me: Flexible phones ‘out by 2013′

Samsung’s new phones use OLED technology, but the firm is also looking into graphene. […]

Graphene Used for Sensors, Solar and LCDs

The world of electronics, LCD, solar cells and sensors are approaching a serious change […]

The Graphene Revolution

Under a transmission electron microscope it looks deceptively simple: a grid of hexa­gons resembling […]

Graphene Will Change the Way We Live

Two scientists; Konstantin Novoselow and Andre Geim, were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in […]

Graphene: a revolutionary material?

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Graphene, which is a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly […]

What is graphene good for?

It’s hard to imagine a substance only one atom thin: so thin, in fact, […]

Graphene transfer for transparent electronics

Researchers in Texas have found a new way to transfer large-area graphene thin films […]

Graphene in Optical Electronics

Scientists believe that soon graphene will be used commercially on the optoelectronics field, more […]

Graphene Electronics Investing: Flexible Electronics Partnership

As far as we are concerned, it seems the team will try to develop […]