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October 2015

Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics, is looking into graphene […]

The wonders of graphene on display

Charge carriers in graphene appear to have no mass and can travel very large […]

Graphene-based gadgets may be just years away

Researchers at The University of Manchester have produced tiny liquid crystal devices with electrodes […]

Breakthrough in developing graphene for electronics

Such is the importance of this new material that it could revolutionize the future […]

Graphene in Optical Electronics

Graphene, a 2D (two dimensional) carbon is a highly versatile material with amazing properties […]

Graphene-based LCDs Devised

Researchers at the University of Manchester in England used graphene, which is derived from […]

Graphene makes for better optical displays

According to the same group of researchers that first fabricated the 2D sheets of […]

LCDs might be graphene’s first realistic commercial application

University of Manchester scientists, together with collaborators from the Institute for Microelectronics Technology in […]

Making LCDs more flat with graphene

LCD screens have become a common piece of hardware in many households, replacing old […]