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The wonders of graphene on display

Charge carriers in graphene appear to have no mass and can travel very large distances without being scattered. This makes it a good testing ground for interesting quantum effects and gives it many applications for fast electronics. It is extremely transparent and being such a good electrical conductor makes it an ideal transparent electrode […]

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Graphene-based gadgets may be just years away

Researchers at The University of Manchester have produced tiny liquid crystal devices with electrodes made from graphene – an exciting development that could lead to computer and TV displays based on this technology.The resulting graphene-based films can be used in LCDs and, to prove the concept, the research team have demonstrated the first liquid […]

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Breakthrough in developing graphene for electronics

Such is the importance of this new material that it could revolutionize the future of nanotechnology – it is expected that graphene will transform high-speed electronics and photonics, particularly as a replacement for silicon microchips and touchscreen technology, LCD displays and solar cells. Due to its strength and transparency, it is ideal for these […]

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