LG is the leader in the smartphone and tablet display technology domains. In June, LG had announced that it was starting commercial production of flexible and unbreakable smartphone display panels. These flexible display screens are lighter than the present-day LCD panels. Competitors Samsung, Nokia, and Apple have also been trying their hand at flexible smartphone and tablet screens. For example, the Finnish mobile maker has been testing graphene for mobile devices. Graphene is the strongest, lightest, and thinnest material found on Earth.

July 11, 2013- Source:  http://techglam.com/lg-brings-worlds-thinnest-hd-lcd-smartphone-panel/

Image Source:  http://d1piko3ylsjhpd.cloudfront.net/uploads/roboto/image/shared_content_image/2935/medium_LGD-Slimmest-Full-HD-LCD-Panel_2.jpg